What to Expect on Closing Day

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A Smooth Transition to Homeownership

Closing day is the culmination of your real estate journey, the day when you officially become the proud owner of your new property. At C&C Title, we understand that this momentous occasion can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. To help ease your mind and ensure a seamless experience, here's what you can expect on closing day.

What to Expect on Closing Day


Reviewing Documents


Bring Required Items


The Closing Meeting

The closing meeting typically takes place at the office of the title company, lender, or a designated location. During the meeting:

  • You'll review and sign all necessary documents, including the mortgage, note, and deed.
  • Our team will provide an explanation of each document to ensure you have a clear understanding of its contents.
  • You'll pay any remaining closing costs and fees.


Funds Disbursement

Once all documents are signed, funds will be disbursed to the appropriate parties. This includes paying off any existing mortgages, real estate commissions, and other closing costs. Your new mortgage will also be funded at this time.


Receiving the Keys

The most exciting moment of closing day is receiving the keys to your new property! You'll officially become the homeowner, and the property is yours to enjoy.


Recording the Deed

After the closing meeting, the deed and other documents will be submitted for recording with the appropriate government agency. This legal process officially transfers ownership to your name.


Celebrate Your New Home

With the keys in hand and ownership officially transferred, it's time to celebrate! Take a moment to savor the accomplishment and start making your new property feel like home.

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